Online dating where am I going wrong? Mumsnet

Mumsnet online dating

Online dating where am I going wrong? Mumsnet Can someone tell me if im just being naieve or silly. Or is this just how men are now and im not used to it. Not just like me beacsue of my boobs, or because they want sex with me. I've been doing online dating for about eighteen months now. In the last two months alone I have been on about eight dates of which six of them went like this Date goes very well lasting hours, some of them some nice kissing, plenty of chemistry on all; very rarely alcohol involved.

A question about online dating Mumsnet Online dating - you swap a few emails, normally i like to chat a bit first, so on msn or via text and its never long before the conversation turns to sex, or boob size or anything like that. Im the least prudish person out there, but i think when it turns to sex, before we have even met in person, then im just not going to meet them. Not saying its not fine to want sex with me, of course it is, but to bring it up before we have even met? The most important thing to remember when online dating is that nobody is ‘real’ until you have met face to face, and even then you need time to really get to know someone. Please bear in mind that, although it’s easy to do, developing feelings or even hope is premature at this stage. Maybe he’s not who he says he is.

Online dating - advice please! Mumsnet I agree, i dont think your being silly or naive, its not nice having some bloke asking you what size your boobs are over the net. For some blokes on these sites your just a faceless woman to perv on. The one I'm seeing at the weekend hasn't been too full on, but has been lovely and attentive. I'm not sure I'll actually meet a guy for a long term relationship through online dating though who knows but it's got me back on the dating scene. Hmmmm. I'm still not sure whether to send a text or not.

Online dating where am I going wrong? Mumsnet
A question about online dating Mumsnet
Online dating - advice please! Mumsnet
Online dating question Mumsnet

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